Mr. Browning's Success Story

Mr. Johnny Browning lived in an independent senior community where he was responsible for his household chores, cooking, bathing, and dressing.  He remained in the community until he began experiencing increased difficulty getting in and out of bed and walking.  This ultimately lead to a hospital visit and rehabilitation at Althea Woodland.

Following a laminectomy, he was admitted to our facility.  At the time of admission, he was only capable of walking approximately 10 feet with assistance of a physical therapist and use of a rolling walker.  His ability to perform several activities of daily living was severely limited and required staff assistance.

Despite his newfound limitations, Mr. Browning remained a cheerful and active participant in our Occupational and Physical Therapy program.  Using an interdisciplinary approach, we focused on strengthening his motor coordination, standing balance, activity tolerance, and range of motion.  He used assistive devices as needed and began to progress steadily.

Upon discharge, Mr. Browning was able to walk community distances (300+ feet) on even surfaces using only a cane.  His physical condition improved greatly, allowing his back precautions to be upgraded to bending, twisting, and lifting as tolerated.  After two months of rehabilitation, he has regained the functional mobility to independently complete bathing tasks and the standing balance needed for meal preparation.  He's leaving our facility to return to his community and we're sad to see him go, but so glad to have been a part of his success story.  Good luck, Mr. Browning!

 Mr. Johnny Browning and our Administrator, Ms. Michelle Mahn

Mr. Johnny Browning and our Administrator, Ms. Michelle Mahn