March 8-14 is Long Term Care Administrator’s Week!

Long Term Care Administrator's Week starts March 8th!  We take this time each year to honor and celebrate the important role an administrator plays in providing high quality and resident centered long term care through leadership and the creation of a supportive work environment.

Becoming an administrator is no easy task.  The position requires knowledge of the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), Life Safety Code, state labor laws, and requires continuous education annually.  All that doesn't even include the state and federal licensure examination!  Most important, though, an administrator must have the willingness to create a safe and loving environment for the residents they care for.  We're lucky to have someone who meets all the criteria.

Join us in celebrating Michelle Mahn’s one year anniversary with Althea Woodland on March 11 and congratulate her on 27 years of being a licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

Congratulations, Michelle!  Thank you for making Althea Woodland great!